Cellular Microscopy

Cellular-Microscopy Cellular-Microscopy, Flow Systems Auditing

Viewing blood under the microscope gives an education on the qualitative perspective of an individual’s underlying biology. Its a reflection of the internal “biological terrain” – the “Milieu” – of one very important fluid compartment, the blood. But behind the microscope picture lie numbers that can quantify the nature of the picture and point an individual or practitioner in a direction to examine primary homeostatic balance points that strongly affect health.

These balance points, whether in balance or out of balance, can be key to knowing whether an individual has the immune capacity at all levels too bring dynamic health or will have trouble until things are corrected. For practitioners this is the next step for spot on clinical clarity and client education.

There are two levels of auditing that we illustrated below:

Basic: Here we explore the live and dry blood auditing, this Weill take approximately 30 minutes and give you the qualitative perspective of the terrain of the blood which is a biochemical representation of the consciousness. This level of assessment gives you a broad idea of what is going on in your body and why. This option is great to use as a checkpoint or benchmark on your way to attaining a goal or end result from where you started.

Extensive: Here we go into both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the terrain in the body. This means we test multiple levels of autonomic functioning, to dig deeper into the cellular imbalances by testing and assessing other fluids and systems in the body. This process is for you if you have any pre-existing conditions, autoimmune issues, feeling “off” or just intuitively feel that you need to know what’s going on in your body and why. This audit will take approximately 60 minutes and includes live and dry blood auditing, urine and saliva testing and autonomic nervous system assessments.

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