I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Nahum several times throughout this 2022 year. I have always been interested in astrology but never studied it myself. So this is where Nahum came in. Immediately I felt safe in Nahum’s energy to share my story. He provides in depth knowledge regarding your specific chart, as well as intuitively connecting with the energies of the collective. You are left feeling more grounded and with more knowledge as to why your soul is here and how you can navigate through the tougher times. When it comes to astrology, Nahum’s my guy.

MacKenzie Flynn

Ask about the heart opening ceremonies, they are incredible, Mike Tyson talks alot about it. You have to work yourself up to that but it changed my life in such positive ways. Nahum is a very well rounded, well read and spoken person who makes your experience so grounded. Understanding the journey ahead by a person who has already traveled that road is a Shaman. That’s my Shaman! More to learn, always and very excited to be doing it here. I give it the ultimate 5-Stars for a true Spiritual Enlightenment experience!

Corey Thomas