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By relaxing the central nervous system we create an optimal space for the body to absorb nutrients and activate mitochondria. The Superhuman Protocol aligns the body (via mind, heart, and…
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HOCATT Ozone Steam Sauana

Improve Blood flow Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi, Parasites & Protozoa Excretes heavy metals Stimulates Immune System Oxidizes and excretes toxins Dissolves tumors Balances hormones and systems in the body…
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Lifestream Generator

A Lifestream healing session strengthens your body’s ability to physically relax, heal and mentally and emotionally manage stress and increase your level of awareness and focus.
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Mission Statement

There has been a concerted effort over the last two centuries to destroy the Indigenous cultural traditions that focus on healing the body and mind through nature. The blessings of these indigenous healing traditions have been suppressed and taken to the verge of extinction. This Religious tradition uses plants and herbs along with ceremonies, biohacking therapies, frequency, and vibrational technologies to heal body, mind, and spirit, and assist with the transitions of life that we all experience. This natural and spiritual way of healing is directly opposed to most pharmaceutical medicines which can create dependency, overwhelming side-effects, and the use of technical approaches that invade and disrespect our bodies.

The Butterfly Factory (Healing center) was created from Divine inspiration to access multiple pathways to heal the mind, body, and spirit and expedite the journey of human consciousness of living life from the heart space, uncoupling the conditioning that bombards us all from the moment we exit the womb.

We welcome everyone from all races and creeds, so long as you are willing to do the inner work to shed that which no longer serves your highest vibrational good in this life. As we enter this new world that is based on compassion for our fellow man and woman, honoring mother earth and our truth. We must bring back the values, morals, and ethics that honor the communal and familial bond instead of creating separation and isolation. We are meant to come together, as a species, and live in abundance. True abundance begins with self-love, when living from this space, miracles happen in life. Through building community, offering healing and support we rise above the constrictive control dynamics of the old system that is dying off.