About Phoenix Academy of Mother Earth Church:

Who We Are and What We Do

There has been a concerted effort over the last two centuries to destroy the Indigenous Religious Culture. The blessings of the Indigenous Native American Religious healing traditions have been suppressed and taken to the verge of extinction. This Religious tradition uses plants and herbs along with ceremonies to heal body, mind, and spirit, and assist with the transitions of life that we all experience. This natural and spiritual way of healing is directly opposed to most pharmaceutical medicines which can create dependency, overwhelming side effects, and the use of technical approaches that invade and disrespect our bodies.

Our world is facing extreme challenges. The culture of excess, extortion, and willingness to eradicate that which is eternal in exchange for that which is a “quick fix” and temporary is leading us down a path of destruction, not only of our economy and ecology but our spiritual nature and healing. There is another way – a truer way – a way of harmony, peace, and building rather than destruction or management of damage.

All societies live with dichotomy and this struggle – whether to embrace light or darkness. The Indigenous Religious cultures have always been diverse and there have been many tribes. Over millennia, tribes from all over both the Northern and Southern hemispheres have learned and passed down ways of healing, empowering, understanding, and living harmoniously and productively with themselves, others, and nature. Our world needs the wisdom they have gained. Many Indigenous peoples do not want to share what they have learned because of the atrocities they have suffered at the hands of “civilized” people who have invaded, co-opted, and eradicated the lands that sustained them. This is understandable.

The Phoenix Academy of Mother Earth Church was created to carry on traditions that have blessed indigenous people for centuries while expanding and creating new traditions that will allow the evolution of our species to come together and work, live and create a life of harmony, trust, compassion, and love as the foundation of the ministry.

It is our mission to come together as a species, clear old trauma and pain, and discover the gifts that lie within the heart center. Once discovered, we nurture these gifts and begin a new way of living, to create life-based on the soul’s purpose, and coordinate community living with these gifts as we nurture and grow.